3 Reasons Why you want to Give Your Content Away and Not Require a Sign-Up

3 Reasons Why you want to Give Your Content Away and Not Require a Sign-Up

Imagine you're walking into your local Walmart and therefore the Girl Scouts are camped call at front of the shop selling cookies. If you are like most Americans, this does not take an excessive amount of imagination, but accompany me here...

You know before you ever get to the table what their end goal is... they need to sell you a box (and hopefully several boxes) of cookies.

Now imagine you've two competing female child troops ahead of the shop ... one on all sides of the front entrance .

One troop has several plates of cookies began and is making a gift of free samples for anyone who walks one. just one cookie per person, of course, because those cookies aren't as cheap as they wont to be!

The other troop is additionally making a gift of samples... and they'll offer you as many as you would like , but you've got to fill out an error of paper first together with your name, address, and telephone number thereon .

Which troop does one think will have more success in getting people to undertake their product?

Why you want to Give Your Stuff Away
  •  You'll give more of it away
  •  It'll position you as an idea leader
  •  It's more likely to travel viral and have others provides it away

More People Will See Your Stuff

Just like the Girl Scouts, more people will respond if you do not require anything from them before they get your report, video, or whatever. then they'll trust you more because they'll see that you're making a gift of great, thought-provoking, useful stuff they will use.

And, of course, in your free content piece, you point them to content that does require a symbol up so you'll get their contact info and start mailing them your other useful information and marketing materials.

You'll Become A Recognized Expert

By giving your stuff away and getting it ahead of more people, you'll become recognized as an idea leader in your area of experience . Assuming your material is any good, anyway!

The People You provides it To Will Pass It On

If what you're putting out meets a market need and answers questions your customers have, there is no doubt people will link thereto , put it on Twitter, mention you on Facebook, and e-mail it to their friends. Which is what you would like , right...or is it?

It's All About Your Goals

When deciding whether to offer your content away or to need a symbol up first, you would like to guage your goals for the fabric .

If your goal is to become an idea leader and obtain your content call at the marketplace so you become recognized as an expert, you ought to provides it away and not require people to check in . If you would like as many of us as possible to ascertain it, provides it away.

If your goal is to urge leads for your business or the audience you are going after is more focused, you ought to require a symbol up first. Many sites require people to check in as a part of their qualifying process. In other words, they do not want anyone and everybody to ascertain their content. If the prospect is interested enough, they'll check in and obtain the content...if not, that's okay.